May 5, 2010

Diet and Dishes

Well, I started Weight Watchers last week. It pretty much sucks, but I have seen 2 pounds come off since then! That's the only thing that makes me stick to it: it actually works.

But last night I was ready to give up and I had 3 slices of pizza even though I knew I shouldn't. Then I had an ice cream sandwich. This morning I thought I would go ahead and calculate the points and assess the damage, but what I found was surprising. I found out that Dominos new pizza is only 4.3 points a slice! (Hand Tossed Pepperoni). Pizza Hut is 7.6 points a slice! That means my 3 slices of Dominos is less than 2 slices of Pizza Hut! Needless to say, I stayed within my points and I thought for sure I had used at least 5 points of my weekly allowance. My go-to pizza brand has always been Pizza Hut, but I think we will stick with Dominos from now on, and their new recipe is really good. The crust is like garlic bread :) Wow, I'm getting hungry, but I'm always hungry so I guess I'm getting hungrier. (I feel like that was a little commercial for Dominos, but I assure you that rambling comes courtesy of my free will.)

Have you ever wondered what happens when your dishwasher breaks? Well this is what happens at our house.
I have no idea why I thought it was a good idea to bake a cake when I do not have a working dishwasher. But they are ordering us a new dishwasher so it could be a couple weeks until we get it, and I could not wait that long to have some chocolate cake! The mix was calling my name from the back of the pantry. And no I'm not cheating on my diet by having cake. All things in moderation; another reason why I like Weight Watchers (I'm also not attempting to promote Weight Watchers either).

And because I know some of you only come to see the baby, here are a couple pics of Lela from today.

Clardy out.


Crystal said...

Oh Morgster! "Clardy Out"? It kinda looks like that's what Lela's saying in one of her pictures. You crack me up!

Danielle Cazzato said...

Morgan! I missss you! And just so you know, I'm equally as interested in your life as Lela's. I love you both. And you make me laugh. A lot. Possibly until I give myself indigestion. See you Friday?! I hope.