May 12, 2010

Another Trip to the Store

Because we ate all the cake, I had to go back to the store to get the ingredients to make another cake of my life. (It might be bordering on obsession at this point.) Because I made it to the store with my phone this time, I snapped a picture of Lela in the cart so you could see just how much room she takes up.

It is nigh impossible to get much else in there! But somehow (I feel the need to remind you) I fit all this in there!
Anyway, while I was on the shoe aisle, I tried on some gladiator sandals. When gladiators first came out, I thought they were weird, but I must admit they look pretty cute on my foot!
But I'm not sure if they are actually cute or if I've seen them around so much that I've gotten to the point where I think "Ah, they're not that bad. In fact, they're kinda cute." And then when Lela and I are looking back at old pictures she points and laughs at my weird sandals and wants to know what I was thinking. So needless to say, I'm still on the fence about them.

I also took a stroll through the baby section to find Lela a hat for the summer, but this is the smallest hat they had!

I like how it was labeled "one size fits most." Most what? Babies? Toddlers? Nuns? But because I was determined to mark it off my list, I bought the ill-labeled hat and somehow resisted all the cute baby summer outfits.

I made it out of there without being a complete spaz and I am now equipped to make another cake and a batch of chocolate chip cookies :)

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Nathan said...

Man your funny!