September 25, 2010

Six Months Old

Lela, you are six months old!
  • You weigh 15.5 lbs and you are 25 inches long.
  • There are still some 3 months outfits that fit you but you mostly wear 3-6 month clothes and some 6 month clothes.
  • You are still in size 2 diapers
  • Everyone talks about how petite you are but we know you are just the right size ;)
  • You are a good sleeper but you are still going back and forth on sleeping through the night.
  • You breastfeed every three hours .
  • You also eat rice cereal, squash, bananas, avocado and carrots and have tried peaches. So far, you're not fond of sweet potatoes and applesauce. (We are going to try again on the applesauce because I think what we got was too tart!)
  • You haven't quite learned to crawl but you can definitely scoot around and it's obvious that you are eager to walk!
  • You love the remote controls and our cell phones and you constantly try to put them in your mouth.
  • You are trying to say Mama but it comes out as Baba right now.
  • There's not much that bothers you and we hope you stay that way.
  • You are pretty strong willed and also strong physically, especially in your legs.
  • You have learned to pull up to a standing position using the railings in your crib. You did it for the first time in the church nursery. You didn't seem as interested in doing it at home but I think the bumpers threw you off at first. But it was all you could think about while we were taking pictures. Did I mention you're strong willed ;)

You teach Daddy and me new things everyday.

You have become the center of our world and we wouldn't want it any other way.

Your joy for life is a daily encouragement for Daddy and me.

We can already see that you are eager to please us and we know you will also be eager to please your heavenly Father.

We know you will use your gifts and talents to serve the Lord and we can't wait to see what you become.

"And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him." Col. 3:17

September 21, 2010

Growing Up Too Fast!!

"I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to do that yet." Agreed. Well said. Amen!

This child is not even six months old yet! I'm convinced she's going to walk before she crawls.

I also wanted to mention that Lela spent her first night without us last Monday and she did great. I'm don't think she even realized we were gone. But she was clearly glad to see us when we came back the next evening. I think she smiled for two days straight :)

Ok, that's all I've got and all I've got time for. I've got a budding toddler on my hands!
She was supposed to stay on the blanket but after about 90 seconds had relocated much further away :O

September 9, 2010

Sickness and Musings On Labor Day

Lela got her first cold this week. I never imagined how frustrating it would be to care for a sick person who can't respond to your questions. I have the desire to give her every medicine in the world while simultaneously realizing that would be disastrous. It doesn't help that the one thing I can do for her (sucking the snot out of her nose) makes her scream bloody murder. So there's been lots of slobber, snot and tears, from both her and me.

A couple days after I noticed her congestion, I realized my congestion from a couple weeks ago was coming back. So hopefully the three of us don't continue to pass this junk around. But I think I'm free and clear this morning so that's good news.
Not much else has happened otherwise except a short trip to the lake for Labor Day and a day with Uncle Drew and Aunt Danielle on Labor Day.

Just a side note, but why do people fly American flags on Labor Day? I realize it is an American holiday but I don't consider it to be particularly patriotic. Maybe I'm ignorant and need to be informed but my first thought is everyone is getting it mixed up with Memorial Day.

Ok, because I'm terribly impatient I went ahead and looked up the beginnings of Labor Day on Wikipedia because it has "the best possible information." I'd say it's anything but a patriotic holiday. It was actually a way for President Grover Cleveland to apologize for the death of several workers on strike which were caused by Cleveland's order to send US Marshall and US Army troops to end the strike. That doesn't really make me want to fly the American flag : \ It does, however, make me want to take a day off. Good thinking Grover.

Sorry, that side note became a big, fat, long note. But it's good to be informed and who doesn't love a You Tube clip of Micheal Scott!

Well I have to get back to my sick baby. Here's hoping she'll do more of this

and less of this.

September 1, 2010

A Few Items of Business

Much has happened during my little bloggy break and I feel the need to inform everyone in list format:

1. The day after my declared break from blogging, Nathan decided to start a blog of his own. I added him to the list of "Blogs I Read" on the right-hand column of my blog. And if you're too lazy to scroll, here's the link: I'm fairly certain he already has more posts than my whole blog . . . and I mean that in a good way.

2. I did in fact pick up my computer last night. I don't think I really explained that my reason for taking it to the Genuis Bar was to repair the crack described in my post about taking a break. Anyway, they gave me a whole new palm rest and track pad and keyboard so it looks so shiny and new!

But I am not too fond of visiting the Apple Store when I actually have something to get done because everyone else in the world always decides to go at the same time I go! Also the Apple Store is not like a regular store. You don't walk in, look around, pick up your merchandise, and take it to the check-out counter. No. Because they are all about customer service (which they usually do a really good job at) they have employees all throughout the store ready to help you get from point A to point D all the way up to checking you out. So if you need to do ANY LITTLE THING you have to find an employee from the beginning. Needless to say, all of the ten Apple employees were occupied when I walked in the door because apparently, along with myself, no one else has anything to do on a Tuesday night but go to the Apple Store! I'm not bitter, really. I just hate being that person that stands around looking awkward because I don't know what else to do.

3. Last but not least, the dishwasher is fixed! They didn't bring me a whole new dishwasher, just a new power cord. But, for some reason, it took them three separate trips to my apartment to figure out that's what they needed to do. I told them from the beginning the power cord was severed but I guess I can't blame them for not listening to the crazy lady with two dogs and baby who changes her clothes every time they leave.

And because I was scolded for not having a picture of Lela in one of my posts yesterday, here ya go: