September 9, 2010

Sickness and Musings On Labor Day

Lela got her first cold this week. I never imagined how frustrating it would be to care for a sick person who can't respond to your questions. I have the desire to give her every medicine in the world while simultaneously realizing that would be disastrous. It doesn't help that the one thing I can do for her (sucking the snot out of her nose) makes her scream bloody murder. So there's been lots of slobber, snot and tears, from both her and me.

A couple days after I noticed her congestion, I realized my congestion from a couple weeks ago was coming back. So hopefully the three of us don't continue to pass this junk around. But I think I'm free and clear this morning so that's good news.
Not much else has happened otherwise except a short trip to the lake for Labor Day and a day with Uncle Drew and Aunt Danielle on Labor Day.

Just a side note, but why do people fly American flags on Labor Day? I realize it is an American holiday but I don't consider it to be particularly patriotic. Maybe I'm ignorant and need to be informed but my first thought is everyone is getting it mixed up with Memorial Day.

Ok, because I'm terribly impatient I went ahead and looked up the beginnings of Labor Day on Wikipedia because it has "the best possible information." I'd say it's anything but a patriotic holiday. It was actually a way for President Grover Cleveland to apologize for the death of several workers on strike which were caused by Cleveland's order to send US Marshall and US Army troops to end the strike. That doesn't really make me want to fly the American flag : \ It does, however, make me want to take a day off. Good thinking Grover.

Sorry, that side note became a big, fat, long note. But it's good to be informed and who doesn't love a You Tube clip of Micheal Scott!

Well I have to get back to my sick baby. Here's hoping she'll do more of this

and less of this.


Anonymous said...

Poor baby girl!! I hope I didn't get her sick! Good luck and I hope she sleeps and gets well very soon. Love, Mimi

Danielle & Andrew said...

We loved the video Morgan! You should post it up here so we can see it all pretty and big on our computer screens! :) Hope you are doing well.