September 21, 2010

Growing Up Too Fast!!

"I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to do that yet." Agreed. Well said. Amen!

This child is not even six months old yet! I'm convinced she's going to walk before she crawls.

I also wanted to mention that Lela spent her first night without us last Monday and she did great. I'm don't think she even realized we were gone. But she was clearly glad to see us when we came back the next evening. I think she smiled for two days straight :)

Ok, that's all I've got and all I've got time for. I've got a budding toddler on my hands!
She was supposed to stay on the blanket but after about 90 seconds had relocated much further away :O


Ken and Rachel Etheredge said...

I laugh everytime I watch that. She is a HOOT!! Can't believe she is 6 months this week!!! I love yall! DAD

Anonymous said...

Great video, she is funny!! More please!! Love you, Mimi.