February 7, 2008

Teddy's Birthday

This was an eventful week. We had a Super Bowl party for the youth on Sunday and the first-ever Super Saturday Giveaway hosted by the seminary was held at First Euless on Saturday. It was pure chaos. They had all kinds of things to give away and they just backed us up behind a line, and told us not to run, and said "go." Nathan and I got there late, so we didn't have anything scoped out. We did make off with a few things though. 

But the big event this week was Teddy’s first birthday. I have never celebrated pet birthdays before now, but Nathan and I decided that Teddy is just special. We actually celebrated his birthday a day early because his birthday fell on a Wednesday, and we just knew we wouldn’t have time to celebrate properly on a Wednesday with all the responsibilities we have. (So for everyone that's keeping track, his birthday was actually Wednesday February 6th.) So I got online and found a recipe for a dog-friendly cake and we got him a birthday candle and we had a little party for him on Tuesday night. Enjoy the pictures. 

Teddy's Birthday Cake

He was really afraid to eat it. We think it is because we have trained him so well to not eat off plates :)

Super Bowl Party at Christopher and Laura Beth's

It was also Carson's birthday. He's 15!

He we are the Super Saturday Giveaway before the chaos began.

Here's the before shot . . . 

. . . and the after shot.

Our haul

February 1, 2008

Playing catch-up

For our first post, we're gonna catch everybody up on our life together so far. Nathan and I got married in May and we got Teddy in June for our one month anniversary. We live in Grand Prairie and Nathan is the youth minister at Meadowbrook Baptist Church in Irving. Nathan is going to school at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and I work at the seminary as a secretary. We are both enjoying ministering to and hanging out with the youth group and we look forward to many more years of ministry. With that said here are some pictures.
Our Honeymoon in Disney World.
We stayed at the Yacht Club and we rode boats to the parks from our hotel.
The Aerosmith Rockin' Roller Coaster was on of our favorite rides.
This was the first day we got Teddy. I forgot how small he was!

Now let's jump all the way to Thanksgiving in Malakoff. . . 
Stephen and I waiting for the party to begin.

Tawnya cooking while the dogs beg for a snack ;)
We decided to go on a boat ride even though it was VERY cold. 
So Teddy took shelter in Uncle Andrew's hoodie.
Here's one of all of us eating at the famous Bubba Jean's.