September 10, 2008

Fajita Dinner

Okay I have to interject in the middle of my mini series to show you pictures of our fajita dinner. A couple of weeks ago Nathan suggested that we have fajitas for dinner. I was thinking "that sounds good but I've never made them and they may not taste so great." But I went with it. So we went to the seminary food store and got everything we needed. I was still unsure about the whole thing but the fact that we have a fajita-making kit made me feel a little better. So I mixed everything up and cooked it all and . . .

. . . it was great! Now, please understand that I am not trying to toot my own horn here. It is all thanks to the seminary food store and the Parade brand fajita seasoning (and probably to the fajita skillet). I just did what I was supposed to and it was just like it came straight from a Mexican restaurant. I did have another picture but it was taking forever to load, so I didn't post it. That's all for now.