March 17, 2010

We Can't Move Forward Until You Mail it Back

No I'm not working for the Census Bureau, although I hear it's harder than you think to land a job with them. Apparently it's a little more complicated than just asking, "male or female?" or counting warm bodies.

Anyway, I'm feeling the pressure to complete my census form and I'll admit that it may have something to do with my OCD-like need to please people. When you open the packet from the Census Bureau it says, and I quote, "Please complete and mail back the enclosed census form today."

As you can see, the letter is dated March 15, 2010, so I obviously did not follow instructions and for some reason that really bothers me. So let me take a moment to explain why I so flippantly ignored the instructions from the federal government. Lela is due on the 22nd and could come any day now and I felt the accuracy of my census form was more important than the timeliness of said form. (Please understand that I do not judge all of you that are not as worried about following the census directions as I am. In fact, you should be judging me.)

I just feel it would be such a waste of a government form to turn it in and then know it would be incorrect just a few days later. Although I don't plan on waiting until one of the very intelligent census workers knocks on my door to "help" me fill out the form.

At this point, I know you're wondering why I feel the need to share this, but I suppose it is a form a therapy for me. I somewhat realize that these feelings of guilt and shame about not following directions to the letter are not normal. So maybe airing my thoughts will help me see just how crazy how I am. So maybe I can move forward without mailing my form back right away.

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