March 16, 2010

Ch, ch, ch, ch, changes . . .

In the nursery specifically there have been many changes the past couple days. No, Lela is not here yet, (I feel that I must clarify that point as often as possible), but the decorations are definitely coming together. Nathan's mom, Tawnya, is here this week and she brought curtains and pillows and is working on the canopy for the crib and it just feels like the room is really coming together. What do you think?

I think the curtains really make the room. I realize the mobile over the changing table is empty but I do plan on fixing that. I also mentioned that Tawnya is working on the canopy. Here's an idea of what it will look like.

Here's what the frame for the canopy looks like. I couldn't get the canopy and all the linens in the same picture before. My plan is to use those little butterflies as a mobile, but they look kinda weird right now.
My parents will be here on Thursday and will also bring some things for the nursery, so another update is soon to come.


brittany said...

its a baby asylum!

Crystal said...

I LOVE the curtains! So sweet. Do you think Tawnya could come to my house and fix some things up for me?