March 21, 2010


Really? Snow on the first day of spring? Crazy! Yeah it definitely snowed here Saturday night but it was just a dusting. Some of the metroplex got up to 5 inches. So crazy!

In other news, we have made some good progress on the nursery in the last couple days. I'm thinking Lela has been waiting for her room to be ready to come into the world, so maybe now she'll be ready.

My dad made a mobile out of some decorative butterflies from one of my showers. It looks so much better now.

My parents brought the rocking chair and we found a matching cushion.

The canopy is now finished and I think it looks like a princess room :)
We also have a dress that matches the bedding hanging by the crib on a crown hanger.
Here is the mobile on the crib. My dad also made this one and we attached it to the canopy. It kinda looks like a circus tent from underneath :)
She also now has a chandelier in the room. I said she's gonna be spoiled. Nathan says she already is . . .
Another thing, I have now officially been reprimanded by the government for not turning in my census form. Hopefully we can take care of that soon . . .

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