October 31, 2008

Carrie Underwear!!!

You see that bluish blob, that's Carrie Underwood! (or Carrie Underwear as Nathan calls her. He is such a kid, but that's just one of the reasons I love him!)

Nathan and I purchased Carrie Underwood concert tickets back in July and the big day finally arrived last night. We were both anxiously awaiting this night for a good while (I think I was a little more excited about it than Nathan was tho, at least I hope so . . . )

Nathan rented a Jeep for the weekend which goes along with a surprise he has in store for me today! He assured me we are not going off-roading. I'm glad he realizes he would appreciate that a whole lot more than I would ;)

He picked me up from work in the Jeep and I don't know how long I was standing outside the rotunda looking at each car and thinking "Why did he tell me he was here when he's obviously not here!" Finally he whistled at me and after I thought "Why is some strange guy in a Jeep whistling at me?" I realized it was Nathan! He loves to put me in awkward situations and see how I react :)

We ate at Mexican Inn before the concert, which is a Clardy family favorite. I love Nathan's face in this pic :)

Um, yeah, we were pretty early to the concert because even though I told Nathan it started at 7:30 like three times, he thought it was at 7:00, so needless to say the theater was pretty empty when we got in there. Maybe it was because we were standing there when they opened the doors and I think we were the third and fourth people to walk in the theater that night.

So, we did what any self-respecting couple waiting for a concert to begin would do, took pictures of ourselves.

And pictures of the tickets because let's face it, I could be making this whole story up and I could've pasted pictures from the internet and then no one would have ever believed me. But a picture of the tickets is an iron-clad alibi, right? (I didn't make this up, by the way, in case the previous comment made you suspicious.)

Little Big Town was the opening act. I didn't think I had heard of this group, but some of their songs sounded familiar and I know I have heard their song "Boondocks." They sang it at the CMT awards last year. If you're still drawing a blank, I won't judge you.

So then we had to wait another 20 minutes or so for Carrie after Little Big Town. Apparently the girl two rows in front of us thought that time would be best spent practicing her dance moves. I caught her in mid-groove in this picture. By this time, every seat was occupied.

The countdown . . . (can you feel the anticipation?)

There she is! She rose up from under the stage, what a diva ;)

She brought a girl up from the audience to sing "All American Girl" with her. Am I allowed to be jealous of that little girl because I so am!

So, she had this big gown on for one of the slow songs and then out of nowhere . . .

. . . the bottom of her dress tears off and she's wearing a shorter dress. It was kind of intense because you couldn't really tell what she had on under that skirt for a while.

I'm also way jealous of the people sitting on the edge of the runway thingy here. She was like inches away from them.
Then Little Big Town got back on stage with her and I thought it was over. I was way disappointed because she hadn't sung some of my favorite songs yet.
But she wasn't finished, thank goodness :)
Then she left the stage and everyone kept clapping because we all knew she had an encore prepared.

Then they brought out the big "C" which when the little boy in front of us saw it, he said "whoa, cool!" How precious is that!
At this point I was erasing previous pictures so I could take more pictures with the "C" in the background because I thought the concert was over four songs ago. But at least my batteries stuck it out for the whole concert :)
So that's all I got. I hope you felt like you were there with me as I included an unnecessary amount of commentary on the whole event. But that is what blogging is all about, right?
I digress . . . there will be more to come soon because Nathan and I will be on an adventure this afternoon and I just emptied my camera for the occasion. Have a happy Halloween/Reformation Day and Friday!


The Sullivans said...

Way to go, my little blogger. I'm so proud of you! And, btw, I've never heard of "Boondocks" though I used to live in them. :) Be true to your word and don't judge me. Hope you had a great day with Nathan. See you Monday!

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