October 4, 2008

Mini Series #3: The New Apartment

Ahh, that's better! No more empty apartment :) Here are some pictures of our new apartment (now that we've had some time to settle in).

Our new, smaller dining table.
Our decorationless (it could be a word) kitchen. 

My girly guest bathroom.

The guest basket you get to use if you come stay with us (you could be the first!)

Our Texas-themed guest room . . . 

Our tiny master bathroom

But the walk-in closet totally makes us for it!

There I am in the mirror (I am such a dork). 

I could live in this closet. I was way disappointed when I saw our tiny bathroom but what a blessing to have a walk-in closet! Can I get an "amen"? That's all for now.


Courtney said...

I love your dining room set. It looks very trendy!

Chris said...

We've eaten on that dining room table, and it's cool! The little ball things in the wooden dish are interesting, though. They kind of distracted me from my food.

Why is it that there's one license plate in the pic of the 2nd bedroom that doesn't reflect? Is it a "deflective" plate? Is that why someone got rid of it? Maybe it's from Dullaware! (Sorry, my jokes usually aren't this bad, but Morgan said I had to comment now everytime I read the blog so there will be more to come...)