October 13, 2008

Elaboration on the Biking Trip

So my brother informed me that I did not accurately depict the drama that was his deflating tire. So here is his interpretation:

"We were all ready to go, having just finished the before pictures, when out of nowhere a piercing burst of air startled us all! To our amazement and dismay, we all stared in disbelief as Christopher's rear tire slowly descended to the hard pavement below.'No Worries!' Nathan shouted, as he ran around to the cabin of his truck and emerged triumphantly with a pair of pliers and a spare tube!"

The only problem with it is that I never took a before picture of him and LB, so it is a bit deceiving, but it is certainly more descriptive. The sound of his tire deflating was surprisingly loud. So I guess I'll agree that my previous post didn't do it literary justice. It was, after all, the event that could've ended our fun for the day.

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