May 17, 2011

Prayer Request - Travel

Nathan and Andrew will be traveling a total of 31 hours and 40 minutes to get to South East Asia. They will likely go through customs twice and they have many important documents and items to keep track of. There are many things that could go wrong and plenty of opportunities for plans to change. Sleep deprivation brings emotions and tensions to the surface and can fog memories and reason.
  • Pray that they sleep well when they get the chance.
  • Pray that they don't lose anything and if they do that it can be easily replaced.
  • Pray for safe travel.
  • Pray for no delayed or cancelled flights and no schedule changes.
  • Pray that they keep their spirits high and are constantly reminded of the purpose for their trip.


Emily Michalke said...

Praying for them! I hope you, sweet Lela and baby bump are doing well. I miss you!

Danielle said...

Right on, sister. Hope you and Lela are doing well.