May 23, 2011

Prayer Request - Protection from Satan

Satan certainly has a foothold among the people of Southeast Asia. Sin abounds and yet the people readily accept "God" and live "religious" lives. The one thing Satan hates the most is when believers try to foil his plans and he will fight back. Without the strong support of a local body of believers, spiritual warfare is a given in a place like Southeast Asia. Pray that Nathan and Andrew will not give in to the schemes of the devil and they will resist any temptation he puts before them. Pray that they will be able to see and understand the impact they can make even in the short amount of time they will spend there.
Here is a specific prayer request listed on the guys itinerary for Tuesday:
"Ask that the enemy would be bound and truth would fill the hearts of the Lasa. Ask that the strongholds of infidelity, abuse, addiction, gambling, dishonesty, and selfishness be broken. Ask that the negative cultural influences, religious lies, and government oppression would be recognized, and the Lasa would seek refuge in Him. Ask that they seek to really know God and in doing so He reveals Himself to them through [Jesus Christ]."

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