May 22, 2011

Prayer Request - Encouragement and Protection

The focus for prayer today is encouragement and protection. It can be very discouraging to share the gospel over and over and see no response or fruit for your labor. Pray that Nathan and Andrew and the missionaries continue to share with the same urgency despite the lack of response they get from the people.

The guys are very safe where they are but it is always smart to pray for protection. They are evangelizing in a closed area which is why I have refrained from sharing the exact country they are visiting as well as not sharing the names of the missionaries they are working with. They are told to use code words for certain religious terms and some of that has to do with the extreme negative reaction the people have to these terms. Pray that the Lord keeps everyone safe and that they are able to build relationships with the people.

The group plans to visit a Filipino Market on Monday and visit with a local that the missionaries have built a relationship with. Here's the info I got from their itinerary:
"Filipino Market – We have many friends in and around the markets. They have heard truth many times. Yet they are still blind. Ask that the scales fall from their eyes.
'...One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see!' ~ John 9:25
Visit with local – Ask that he recognize truth and make the decision to pursue it.
'Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision!'~ Joel 3:14
'But now in [Chirst Jesus] You who were once so far away have been brought near through the blood of [Christ]' ~ Ephesians 2:13"

Keep praying and I encourage you to use the Scriptures quoted above in your prayer.

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