May 24, 2011

Prayer Request - Missionaries

Today we want to pray for the missionaries in Southeast Asia. They have devoted their whole lives to sharing the gospel with these people. They no doubt get discouraged by the slow progress they see in this area. They are also far from the comforts of home and are constantly forced to be secretive about their reason for being in the area and use code words for common religious terms. There are only three known true followers of Christ in the area and those three are a result of the work the missionaries have done. Nathan and Andrew get to come home tomorrow but this is the day-to-day for the missionaries.
  • Pray that they will keep the faith and will be guarded against discouragement.
  • Pray that the Lord will reveal to them the impact they have made and that they may see the fruit of their labor.
  • Pray that they are able connect with a community of believers to encourage them.
  • Pray that the Lord constantly gives them the courage to share their faith and gives them the words to say to the people.
Also, here are specific prayer requests for the day's activities:
"Ask that the enemy would be bound and truth would fill the hearts of the Lasa. Ask that the strongholds of infidelity, abuse, addiction, gambling, dishonesty, and selfishness be broken. Ask that the negative cultural influences, religious lies, and government oppression would be recognized, and the Lasa would seek refuge in Him. Ask that they seek to really know God and in doing so He reveals Himself to them through [Jesus Christ]."

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