June 7, 2010

Let the iPhone pics tell the story

I don't know where last week went! I was obviously too busy to post on the blog so attempting to read my own posts was of no help to me. So my next step was to peruse my iPhone pics to see what I've been up to. So we'll play a little game! I'll give possible choices as to what the real story is behind the previously posted pictures. You can the leave a comment with your answer choices. Then I'll post the answers later. Sound fun? I think so. (P.S. Anyone involved in the story can't play! I'm thinking the answers will be obvious enough.)

Photo #1
A. I figured out how to take pictures of my own iPhone.
B. I think the iPhone is beautiful and I take pics of other people's iPhones every chance I get.
C. Nathan is selling his iPhone and took the pictures to post on Craig's List.

Photo #2
A. Nathan and I had a good lunch at Panera Bread on Saturday so I decided to document it by taking of a picture of where we sat.
B. I am getting decorating ideas because I want to redecorate my kitchen.
C. Priscilla Shirer was at Panera and I snapped a quick long-range pic on our way out.

Photo #3
A. Another picture of me holding Lela at home.
B. Another attempt to take a picture of a beautiful iPhone.
C. Our pastor's wife holding Lela at her house while her and I are hanging out on Friday night.

As I said, the answers might be obvious but I thought it was a fun way to tell some stories from last week.

Also, I just need to share that we tried to get Lela to sleep in her crib last night but it was an utter failure. She kept waking up every hour! But my mom pointed out that she did the same thing when we first brought her home and had her sleep in her cradle. So maybe we'll try again tonight. I'll let you know how that goes.

I'll post the correct answers for the pictures sometime tomorrow. Good luck! ;)


Rachel said...

Ok, here goes:

photo #1: I can't see how you could take a pic of your own iphone with the iphone, unless it's a reflection, so...not A,
I hope you don't love a phone that much, so..not B. I also can't imagine nathan selling his iphone, so.....!!! I don't know, but C?
photo #2: You've been to Panera bread a lot, so not A. I don't see any decorating ideas in that pic, so not B. I don't kow who Prisiclla S. is, but I guess C?
photo #3: Easy, that's not your dress or blouse, or couch, or watch, so it has to be the Pastor's house, so C?
BUT, they all can't be C, can they?
Love you, MOM

Anonymous said...

Ok, so my answers are all C..but I've not taken this easy of a test in a long time. However, since I love to see baby pics, you need to put more of Lela on here!!! Hope I passed the test, miss and love you all! Mimi

Ken and Rachel Etheredge said...

Ok my turn!
Photo 1- C
I dont know why Nathan would sell his phone either but it looks like that kind of pic!!??
Photo 2- A. That's definitely Panera Bread. I recognized it before even reading the choices.
Photo 3- C Yep. Dont recognized that blouse either
Love ya! DAD