June 22, 2010


My Dearest Bloggy Readers,

I apologize for my recent absence from my blog. I honestly thought no one would pay any mind to my hiatus until I received written confirmation of the contrary. A reminder via facebook that two of my readers were waiting with bated breath for my next entry. It was flattering to say the least and gave me just the motivation I needed to update the bloggy world on my recent cavorting.

So please allow me explain my negligence.
All last week, Lela's Grammie was in town to keep me company while Nathan was off at youth camp. We did all sorts of girly things and wore ourselves out as we drug Lela all over the metroplex.

She did pretty good all week but we think she missed her daddy. She did not sleep well the first two nights but gradually got better every night.

My second, and less compelling reason, is that we have VBS this week. That really only explains my absence for yesterday. But that is somewhat deceptive as our VBS is scheduled for the evenings and I haven't accounted for the daytime. Well, I hate to admit this but yesterday, I got caught up in this.

I know, it's shameful! But I can honestly say that my interest in it only comes from the encouragement of our pastor's wife. It would have kept me from the blog today as well but, like I said, the facebook message whipped me into shape.

Well I better scoot considering I have to be at the church in less than an hour! I will write tomorrow, I promise.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone finally lit a fire under you...I too was waiting patiently for your post, so please try and keep this current!!! Love, Mimi

Rachel said...

Love it, love it, love it! those pics are just precious! Not sure which one I will put on my phone!?!
(even with the thing in my teeth) Dad said no one was looking at me anyway!

I sure had a wonderful time, and I'm sure Lela is missing her Grammier this week, I know Grammie is missing her!!

I miss you too , Morgan! Thanks for the update, and love to you all! MOM

Rob & Jen said...

I always love the posts! And don't be ashamed to fall into the Twilight hype b/c Stacy and I are totally there. I would read the books over and over if Robert didn't ban me :) I can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

Sarah Dixon said...

Thank you Morgan! I'm glad you're beginning to post again! : ) Love Love Love You!!

Crystal said...

Oh, Morgster! I love you! I'm gonna need you to pencil me in to spend some quality cuddling time with Lela pretty soon!