June 8, 2010

Answers to the Super Hard Exam

And the answers are . . .

C! . . . on every question.

Only one person missed a question and I'm confident it's because he didn't read all the choices. Anyway, I thought that was a fun idea even though the answers were pretty obvious.

So yes, Nathan is selling his iPhone on Craigslist and it's actually already sold in case you were interested in buying it. He said he felt convicted about spending $30 a month to entertain himself and it's also in response to reading the book Radical by David Platt. We're both reading the book over the summer, but I think I'm going to hold on to my iPhone . . .

Yes I saw Priscilla Shirer (Tony Evans's, pastor of The Potter's House in Dallas, daughter) at Panera Bread on Saturday. Nathan was the one that recognized her but I had my back to her. But he really is more observant of those things than I am. We probably wouldn't have put it together but she was there to interview with someone who is writing a biography of her life. Pretty cool :) (*updated to say* apparently I don't know what I'm talking about. Nathan informed me Tony Evans is the pastor at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship not The Potter's House, sorry :/ )

The last one is not too spectacular but Lela and I had fun hanging out with the pastor's wife Friday night while Nathan went to graduation. Our pastor is currently on a mission trip in Moldova and Romania so I've been keeping her company while he's gone. Nathan has also been fulfilling some of the pastoral duties including preaching this past Sunday and he's done a great job!

Well, yesterday Chick-fil-A officially released their new spicy chicken sandwich and Nathan and I had to get one. (We were somehow out of the loop that Chick-fil-A was giving away free spicy sandwiches the week before the release, but we told ourselves it was cooler to get one on the actual release date to make ourselves feel better :( )

We were both hoping the spicyness would be in the breading and not a spicy sauce under the breading, but alas,
there was sauce.

This is totally random, but I feel like I need to share that I actually shudder at the utterance of the word sauce. I dislike all kinds of condiments (excluding ranch and italian dressing) and sauces definitely fall under that category. It's nearly impossible to tell what's in there without tasting it and I know it won't kill me, but I avoid putting myself through any unpleasant experience and I'm pretty picky, so odds are there's something in there I don't like. But I do LOVE hot sauce. I also love Popeye's spicy chicken and they also go the sauce route, so I was able to get over my automatic sauce gag reflex.

Ok, moving on. At first I didn't think I would like the sandwich because they went the sauce route, but after it cooled a little (temperature wise) I decided it was pretty good. It was definitely spicier than I thought it would be, but not too spicy. Rumor is they're also making spicy nuggets and I'm looking forward to their release!
Has anyone else had the sandwich? What did you think? (See, more evidence of my pickiness, no pickle. I don't do pickles!)

And back by popular demand, more pictures of Lela:


Nathan said...

Hi babe. I must correct you. Tony Evans is the pastor at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship and unlike the heresy that is preach at the Potter's House, he actually preaches the gospel. Also, I would like to say that I knew it was Priscilla (Presley) Shirer before the whole interview thing started. Finally our baby is absolutely beautiful and I love you so much for brining her into the world.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I passed the test and yes, that was fun. Thanks for the baby pictures, she is more beautiful each time you post them..can't wait to see you all again. Love, Mimi

Shortcake said...

Lela is SO cute! Thanks for more pictures. I got to try a spicy chicken sandwich for free- I really liked it! Although, I didn't even realize there was spicy sauce on it-- ha ha! They added on pepperjack cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes for free too. It was pretty spicy, but I like it that way! I'd definitely get one again.