May 13, 2008

What a Sad Day :(

Goodbye Julie!
We sold Julie tonight and so I took some last pictures of her. We took her to Carmax and they wrote us a check for her and we had to say goodbye. Jules has been a good car for me in High School and College. She was a present from my parents for my graduation from High School, but I had her most of my senior year. Here are some final pictures with Julie.
When we cleaned out the car tonight we found the original window sticker! 
The ink kinda rubbed off because of the extreme temperatures it has endured over the years. Can you see the estimated annual fuel cost? $1,223!?! I wish. Anyway, I thought it was cool that we still had that. So Julie's gone now, but we did get to keep a small part of her.
Nathan and I both have a thing for license plates. I memorize them and Nathan likes to use them as decoration :) So all in all it was a sad night, but Tatum definitely softens the blow. 


Molly Kate said...

awww poor Jules. Tatum is great though! You have become quite the blogger my dear!!!

The Sullivans said...

You guys are so funny...naming your cars. I like Tatum. I just call mine Black Beauty. That's about as fancy as I get.

And definitely did sound like a mom with your personality development comment. But I say that having Rylie is our first step toward parenthood so...ya's not far from the truth. (And I'm not so naive as to think that a puppy is the same as a baby...though they both are pretty darn cute).

Rob & Jen said...

Aww Julie was a good car! But Tatum will be great too!