May 20, 2008

Our First Anniversary

On Friday May 16, Nathan and I headed to Waxahachie, TX to a Bed and Breakfast to celebrate our anniversary. It was a random choice of destination. I simply searched for the most charming B&B on Google and hoped they had a vacancy. Well, little did we know that Waxahachie, even though it is only 35 miles from Dallas, is maybe the most charming little town we had ever seen. It is so rich in history and they have preserved it so well. Waxahachie is a cotton town that flourished in the late 1890s. All the houses on Main Street have kept the early 1900s architecture and it really gives you a glimpse into what life was like back then. Well, I won't bore you with the details, but if you get a chance, you should go sometime. 

Anyway, the B&B we stayed in was built in 1900 and the current owners remodeled the whole house from top to bottom in 1990 and it totally immaculate. There are six or seven guest rooms in the house and each one is named after an author and decorated like the time period that author lived in or wrote about. We stayed in the F. Scott Fitzgerald room and it was decorated like the 1920s because he wrote The Great Gatsby. There's a Shakespeare, Mark Twain, and Teddy Roosevelt room to name a few. 

The town square was amazing and there was simply not enough time to do everything. We ate a restaurant on Friday night that used to be the General Store in the late 1800s and the cowboys traveling on the Chisholm trail would stop in and eat there. It has been a restaurant ever since. Wow! That's so cool. Okay no more history, I promise. Anyway, when we were done eating and walked out to our car, we realized that there weren't any cars parked near us and we were blocked in by a city truck parked perpendicular to our car. Well, we were able to get out thanks to Tatum's tight turning radius. But when we tried to get out of the square we were blocked in at every exit and there were people everywhere putting old tires along the curbs of the streets. We later found out that they were setting up for a mini Grand Prix in the square and we finally found a way out. 

Okay this is a novel, but Saturday Nathan and I went antiquing and Nathan actually admitted to liking it. Don't tell him I told you that, but I think that's the first time he's said he enjoyed shopping with me. The whole time on Saturday, the mini Grand Prix was going on around the square and we stopped and watched it for a little bit. We headed back home around 4:00 and called it a weekend. Good times.

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