May 10, 2008

Meet Tatum

It's looks like she's smiling. Nathan and I have been thinking about getting a different car that gets better gas mileage and we decided that the Toyota Yaris was the best choice for us. It gets great gas mileage (39 mpg) for a great price. So we spent 5 and a half hours at the Toyota dealership today working everything out. But now she's ours! I decided to name her Tatum, Tatum the Toyota. I think it fits her. Take a look.


Rob & Jen said...

Yay I was excited to see two blogs I had not read yet so I feel behind in commenting: Yay for the car, she is cute and I like the name! Cute dress for Nathan's commissioning and Congrats again for him, how exciting!
Good to hear how things are going! And happy anniversary to you guys in a week!

Molly Kate said...

she's totally a Tatum. I can see it. She's tight.