May 7, 2008

Not a natural blogger . . .

I have decided recently that I am not a natural blogger. What I mean by that is I don't naturally have this desire to sit down and write out all my thoughts on a regular basis. Now don't get me wrong, I do want people to know about my life and my thoughts, but I don't always have the desire to take the time that it takes to write it all out and make it look pretty. Part of it is that I think I need to have millions of pictures to make a good post. But I've decided that's not true and that's good news for me because I don't take very many pictures. But have no fear, this post will have plenty of pictures because it's been a while. I have been trying to post these pictures for two and half weeks now. (By trying I mean I really want to do it but I keep forgetting.) But in the future there may be posts without any pictures *gasp*.

Well moving on, April 19th was the All-Famous, Second Annual, Meadowbrook Baptist Church Youth Group's, Blast from the Past. That's AFSAMBCYGBFTP for short. Anyway, we lip-synced to oldies while the adults enjoyed a drive-in style meal in the fellowship hall. This year we also presented the gospel through a skit using sign language. Anyway here are the pictures.

Here's me with the girls in "Mr. Postman." It's a somewhat obscure oldie by a group that sounds alot like the Supremes.

Here we are doing "Stop in the Name of Love."

This is the guys doing "Macho Man." They decided to dress up like old men instead of the typical Village People impersonations that everyone would expect.

This is Nathan and I as Sonny and Cher doing "I Got You Babe." According to everyone at church we should have cross-dressed since Cher was so much taller than Sonny.

Here are the girls in "It's My Party." I'm pretty sure we're all saying "party" in this picture and that's why we look so strange.

This is one of the guys in "The Way You Do the Things You Do." They bought all their suits at the thrift store! Well that's where we got all our costumes but I was surprised we found so many suits!

Well, be watching for pictures of Nathan's commissioning service. Oh, I guess I forgot to mention that Nathan was commissioned on Friday May 2nd at Seminary. Of course we forgot our camera so I'm waiting on pictures from my parents.

Another note on that subject, Nathan won't be going to training this summer because it filled up before he could be commissioned. "In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps." Proverbs 16:9. The Lord is in control and even though it made sense to us for Nathan to go to training this summer, he is supposed to be here. We can make this great plan for our futures but it will always pale in comparison to what God has in mind. So we are excited to see what God has for us this summer and we look forward to all he is going to do through this time as a Chaplain Candidate.


Molly Kate said...

Mo! This is so fun! What a fun time, and the pics make me wish I was there! You're all so cute dressed up :) i'm so proud of you and Nathan waiting on the Lord and trusting Him. Miss you guys!

Rob & Jen said...

How absolutely fun! It looks like you guys had a blast putting on the show and I wish I could have been there... esp to see Nathan dressed as an old man hehe. We miss you guys and will keep Nathan and you in our prayers! And I think your blogs are great Mo, no need to worry.