July 13, 2010

Lela at the Lake: 4th of July 2010

My parents are always so excited when Lela comes to the lake house and they say she is going to be a lake baby. I'm not sure what that means but it apparently results in us spelling out her name with sparklers and using the phrase "Lela at the lake."

We were a little concerned when we got to the lake that it would rain all weekend so on Friday night when the rain let up just a little, we got the boat out just in case it was our only chance to get out even though it was still sprinkling and it was a little chilly. (No, we didn't take the baby on the boat ride).

Luckily, it was sunny on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, so we got to spend a good bit of time outside.

There was still a chance for rain on Saturday so the girls decided to get pedicures and do some shopping so we weren't just sitting around the house all day.

Mine are the yellow toenails. Yes, I realize I'm not as patriotic as everyone else, but I did get white stars on my big toes and my 4th of July shirt was yellow so it still tied in.

My choice of white stars was quite controversial among the Asian girls at the nail place. They must have told me five times, "White stars not show up on yellow, you get black stars." Even after my pedicure was finished, the girl that did my toes said "White not show up on yellow, next time you get darker color," almost in a lecturing tone. They were so adamant about my inappropriate color choice, I was beginning to think white and yellow symbolized something obscene in their culture.

Lela had fun at the lake. She always likes to go places. I love that she has a matching Old Navy onesie. It's kinda cool to think she will always get a 4th of July Old Navy shirt from here on out.

We went very festive this year on the celebratory attire. The visors were our first annual 4th of July craft project courtesy of Mimi. I felt I should explain that in case you were assuming that we are a family of avid poker players.

We all painted our name on our visors and some form of appropriate decoration. It was a lot of fun and reminded me of when I was a kid :)

Sunday night we did our own fireworks display and were inspired to write out various things with the sparklers (including Lela's name).
We are very patriotic!

I guess I haven't mentioned that Lela is now sleeping in her crib and she just learned to roll over in the last few days.

No, she doesn't sleep in her nice dresses. This was just the only picture I have of her sleeping in her crib. We have done a lot of traveling (short trips) this past week with Grandma here and Lela has done so good. She just adapts very easily and take everything in stride. We are so lucky for that!

Well, be praying for Nathan. He's leaving for a mission trip to Alaska tomorrow at 4:30 in morning. They will be witnessing to the salmon fishers in Kenai, Alaska. It's hard work and long days.

In the meantime, Lela and I will be spending some time with Grammie, so I'll do my best to update you on that.


Chelsea said...

I love that Lela even has a 4th of July bow! She just keeps getting cuter!

Britt said...

please tell me that spelling out lela's name in sparklers was rachel's idea!! That sounds like her!