July 29, 2010

4 Month Appointment

So I braved it alone this time. It's not that I think I'm incapable of accompanying my daughter to her doctor's appointment by myself, it's just that my level of spazness greatly clouds my judgment when I'm alone with Lela and the massive amount of baby gear required.

Like, I walk in the door with the car seat in the crook of my arm and my diaper on the same arm (spaz!) and I see the reception counter. There is a low counter next to the high counter behind which the first receptionist sits. As I walk through the door and toward the counter I'm thinking "Ok, do I put the car seat on the floor or on the low counter? Floor? Counter? Floor? Gotta be the floor. It's safer, right?" It was actually an easy decision for me because I'd been to the doctor's office before. You can't imagine the severity of the spaz moment that would have occurred if I'd never been there before. I would have made the same decision, but it would have taken me longer and I may have even stood there a minute and attempted to put the baby on the counter before I decided it was unsafe, all the while avoiding eye contact with the receptionist because that means she can't see me, right?

Every small decision I make is like that. Even choosing a seat in the waiting room can be difficult. Again, I'd been there before so I chose a seat I'd previously occupied so there would be no surprises. No chance was I going to sit in the alcove with the chilren's toys in the center. This is where all the outgoing moms sit so their children can play while they talk to the other moms. Social interaction is way too risky in this kind of situation.

Sometimes I think I might have some sort of chemical imbalance and other times I chalk it up to my painfully analytical mind. I'd be curious to know if any other analytical minds suffer the way I do.

Actually, the experience wasn't too bad and I think I'm getting better with age. Dr. Shirley definitely puts me at ease between the incessant compliments about Lela and the unending affirmation of my parenting skills. She apparently puts Lela at ease as well.
I feel bad that she fell asleep right before the vaccinations (again) because she had to be so rudely awakened :( She screamed of course, but she calmed down pretty quickly.

Dr. Shirley was impressed when I told her Lela could roll over. She said "Wow, that's ahead of schedule!" Then that night Lela rolled over from her back to her stomach and then onto her back again! Dr. Shirley said that was a 6 month milestone! I always knew she would be a prodigy :) (Please don't tell me if you know of a child who has achieved these milestones just as quickly. I would like to live in ignorant bliss as long as possible.) I'm just sure she'll be famous one day, of course she'll be modest about it though.

Well, apparently I'm famous now. Tuesday night I went to Aunt Danielle's lingerie shower (ok, she's not quite an aunt yet, but as of Saturday it will be official!) and the maid of honor told me she reads my blog! (Shout out to Melissa :)) Now I know you're thinking, "That's just one more person, that doesn't make you famous." But did I mention that she is a college student? Things spread like wildfire when you're in college. I am bound to be a household name in a month. (No pressure, Melissa.) Although that phenomenon may be limited to my college generation. I was in college at the same time as the people who created Facebook and YouTube. Everybody knew about those sites in a matter of days. But I know I was always looking for some kind of distraction from studying. So come on kids, come read about a housewife with a baby whose life is extraordinarily normal in every way . . .

Ok, so I may not be reaching out to the best target audience, but I can still dream.

Anyway, the shower was a lot of fun although we had a couple of TMI or WTMI moments, but I guess that's what lingerie showers are for. I got to see some old friends and my old apartment and the fact that Lela and Lela's Grandma were there definitely made it more interesting :)

Well, I'll leave you with a piece of photographic evidence that I needed to start saving as soon as I found out I was having a girl.



Crystal said...

Oh Morgster, you make me laugh! Reading about the inner workings of your mind prove to me that we were meant to be friends.
P.S. Congrats on becoming famous! I'm sure Oprah will be calling any day now!

Melissa said...

oThanks for the shout out Morgan. I will do my best to make you a household name by the end of the week. You're right, you will catch on just like Facebook! I loved getting to see you again so much this week and your adorable Lela.