January 27, 2011

Ten Months Old

Lela, you are 10 months old!

  • You weigh 17.5 pounds (according to the bathroom scale which has been proven to be somewhat unreliable).
  • You wear mostly 6-9 month and 9 month clothes.
  • You wear size 3 diapers
  • You are getting really close to walking and you took four or five steps yesterday for Miss Linda and Miss Sara at the church.
  • You sleep good at night but bed time is not your favorite time. You are also waking up earlier in the mornings which means I have to get up extra early so I can get ready for the day :] But you still typically take two naps a day.
  • You breastfeed four or five times a day.
  • You are doing good eating three meals with snacks and you love to feed yourself.
  • You don't have separation anxiety and you always smile back at a friendly face.
  • You love to talk and you're getting better at imitating the words we say.
  • You are getting better at communicating with us by reaching for things you want and putting your hand over mine and Daddy's mouth when you want us to stop talking.
  • You put everything in your mouth including bugs you find along the baseboard.
  • You've always loved to dance to music and now you've started to sing along with the music.
Taking your monthly picture has become somewhat of a challenge since you automatically think I'm putting you down for a nap when I put you in your crib . . .

. . . that's why you have a pin drive in your hand. For some reason holding the pin drive made everything ok. But if I took the pin drive away . . .

. . . it wasn't ok anymore.
I am proud to say I got one good picture without the pin drive, although it's not very smiley.

You are such a happy girl and you love to have fun and make everybody smile. I can already tell you are a little performer and you love to be at the center of attention. You are so smart and you're always looking for an opportunity to learn more. You are so loving and my prayer is that you'll learn to love Jesus just as much.

P. S. Yes, I took a nine-month crib picture but because she was crying, I didn't post it until now.


Ken and Rachel Etheredge said...

That's funny about the nine month picture. I knew I didn't remember it. I guess 9 out of 10 ain't bad. You've got a pretty coop subject to say the least. And a pretty cute one too. Love y'all alot. Can't wait to see you. Dad and PawPaw :-)

Rachel said...

Wow, Lela, u r sure growing up!! Our little princess is starting to walk!! The smiles r pure joy & the sad ones break my heart!

Yes, she's a budding performer alright, with a wide range of emotios!! I love the one where she looks like "wait a minute, r u putting me to bed??" shes definately thinking it thru! Amazing!!

We luv u , Lela & Jesus loves u too! He's smiling down on u & your parents. Can't wait to see u!! Luv, grammie

ps: dad's word "coop" means cooperative! I had to ask, so I passed that along. Dad said u would get it cause ur smart!! Guess I'm not!!

Anonymous said...

She is too hilarious! So glad you posted these, she is just a doll! Can't wait to see you all soon...keep posting! Love, Mimi

Rachel said...

Morgan, she is such a beautiful baby. I can't believe she's almost a year old! I miss you and hope you're doing well!

BTW, have you noticed that 3/4 of the comments on this post are from "Rachel." We're special people. :)