November 21, 2010

Some Random Things I've Been Meaning to Tell You

I decided today that I'm a blog hypocrit. I fully expect the blogs I read to have new posts everyday, but I fall extremely short of my own standards for other bloggers. So dear readers, I understand your frustration.

Anyway, here's a pretty picture of Nathan and I after my birthday dinner.
We went to a place called Rafain. It's one of those Brazilian Steakhouses and they constantly bring you meat and it was a little overwhelming. Once we got the hang of it, we enjoyed it. It was also good to have a date night just the two of us :)

Thursday night I made chicken chili for dinner and I used cilantro from my own herb garden!
I've always wanted to say that! As you can see only three of the seven herbs made it to adulthood. That's only a 42.8% success rate . . . not the greatest :/ On top of that, the other two herbs are parsley and italian parsley. They are essentially the same thing. So really I only have two herbs. But I did plant them during the wrong season so I had already prepared myself for failure.

Moving on.

Can you guess who we cheer for in our house?
Lela kinda gives it away. I like how it looks like she's sticking her tongue out at the Broncos and giving the Cowboys a thumbs up :) Both were unintentional and non-coerced expressions of Cowboys loyalty. If you're wondering why she doesn't have a Cowboys outfit it's because there are so many fans, they bought them all up before I could get one, and Lela's Uncle Stephen is trying to impose his beliefs on her and the real reason she doesn't have a Cowboys onesie is they don't make them small enough for her and they started to suck because of Wade Phillips' lack of discipline, but they're doing good now that Jason Garrett is coaching. Go Cowboys!!

That's all I got.

Oh, I almost forgot. I'm going to start 30 for 30 tomorrow. It's a challenge to only wear 30 items (including shoes, excluding coats and accessories) for 30 days. It helps you learn to be more creative with your clothing and helps you learn to "shop your closet." Part of the challenge is not to buy any clothes during those 30 days. That shouldn't be hard since I just got new clothes for my birthday. Anyway, I'll do my best to post all my outfits.

Ok, now I'm done ;)


Rachel said...

Go cowboys! Lela is cute in whatever she's wearing, and you & Nathan looked really good too!
Can't wait to see you all tomorrow, Love ya, MOM

Molly Swanson said...

loved the update! You two are still adorable together and little lela is cuter every time I see her! Will i be seeing you this week? LOVE YA!