October 18, 2010

Good Weekend

Grammie and Pawpaw visited us this weekend. There were some good times . . . . . . and some bad :(
No, we had a lot of fun. We were thankful to be able to watch the Rangers game in my parents' hotel room.
Aunt Laura Beth and Uncle Christopher also joined us, but the only group picture we got, I'm laying down and it looks like they're all visiting me on my death bed. Much like this picture :/
The next day, Lela got her picture taken in a pumpkin patch! She was actually pretty subdued, but the pictures came out cute. We were glad to spend time with Grammie and Pawpaw and I know Lela was sad to see them go.

Oh, I checked on my herbs this morning and I now have some cilantro sprouting too! So exciting :)


Anonymous said...

Again, great pics of Lela (and the others, except you on the bed!! SCARY) Congrats on the herb garden and if you let one of the cilantro plants dry out, on the top will be seeds, those are corriander seeds..good luck, my little gardner! Love you all, Mimi

Courtney said...

Morgan!! Lela is absolutely adorable and is growing up soooo fast!! Wow.. time has FLOWN by since I've seen ya'll. And, her outfits are soo cute! I'm loving that tan/white polka dot dress she has on in the pumpkin patch picture. Love you guys and miss you!