August 26, 2008

Siesta-inspired post

Okay, okay. I know what you're thinking . . . "Is she still alive?" Yes I'm still here! I have simply not found the time between all the packing and unpacking and working and waiting for the internet to work to stop and update my blog. Now I know that I can probably always come up with an excuse to not post and I will probably never really "have time" to post, so from now on, I will try my darndest to post at least twice a month, if not more. And I will try, (please note I used the word try) to get over the notion that a blog post must have pictures. I am such a visual person and I want to give everyone the same mental images that I have. Please understand that I must write out this covenant for everyone to read. Otherwise it will simply be in my head and will never really be kept. So even if these things don't matter to you, please know this is simply a little self-therapy, if you will.

Anyway, I need to move one. On to the explanation of this post's title. This weekend I went to a Beth Moore conference with some ladies that I work with at Southwestern. We had such a blast and wow I can't even begin to describe how powerful the message was! Well, my boss, Courtney Williams, reads Beth Moore's mininstry blog ( and they were going to have a special party (the Siesta Fiesta as it's known) after the conference for all the bloggers. Well, of course she signed all of us up to go even though we weren't all regular readers of the blog. Anyway, I went on and read the blog today (mostly out of pure remorse for being a big fat fraud at the bloggers party) and I realized how much I missed blogging on my own site and I really wanted to blog about my trip and everything that's happened in my life. So in light of all that, this post is Siesta-inspired.

At Rachel's suggestion (she is another work/Beth Moore buddy), today will be the first of a mini series in an attempt to catch everyone up on the events in my life I have failed to post about. (I have declared Rachel my blog therapist as I seem to be having issues with the fact that I am incredible inconsistent and yet I want to be so very thorough in informing my adoring public of my life's events. Rachel says the mini series will break down my task of catching everyone up into manageable pieces.) Below you will see a list of topics for the upcoming installments in my mini series:(This is another one of those written contracts between me and reader that may not mean much to you but certainly gives me a nice visual checklist to work from. . . deep breaths now . . . )

- My Fourth of July trip to San Antonio (of which I promised pictures in my previous post)
- Before and After Shots of our old aparment
- Pictures of our new apartment
- An actual post about the Beth Moore conference (not just a pathetic apology/therapy session from a detail obessesed wannabe blogger)

Well I hope you are excited about the mini series. I really love saying mini series because it sounds so official and organized which I am everything but. I was expecting to come up with more than four posts so I suddenly don't feel so bad about my lack of blogging. I think I was expecting like a list of ten posts (which by the way is another good reason to write all this out) so I don't feel so overwhelmed anymore. Okay, that's all for now. Check back for more soon . . . I promise!


Molly Kate said...

YAY!!!!!!! MO!!!!! i can't wait for your mini series! I sure do miss you!!!

The Sullivans said...

I'm so glad I could be of help. :) I love working with you and knowing you! I'm excited to see the new pictures.

Rob & Jen said...

A mini series definitely sounds exciting! I'm waiting on the edge of my seat for more! haha- love you MO!