August 27, 2008

Mini Series #1: 4th of July . . . a couple months late

Okay, as promised here is the first installment of my greatly anticipated mini series. Well I guess I declared the previous post as my first installment, but who's keeping count. So Nathan and I went to San Antonio for 4th of July and we did some pretty cool things. Of course this was the time my camera decided not to keep the charge. I did get some pretty good pictures in though. Here's some of us and the brothers at Sea World.

I love the look Stephen has on his face :)

I know it's hard to tell, but this a dolphin and her baby. It was so precious to watch her baby stay right by her side.

So at this point, this was all my camera could handle and it shut off.

So I took it back to the house to charge so I could take these glorious pictures of the circus!

Again, a nice facial expression from Stephen. I'll have to remember to thank him for giving me a "nice smile."

Send in the clowns

Oooo . . .

Ahhh . . .

So at this point, my camera is dead again. I am so glad I have rechargeable batteries that allow me to take three pictures at a time!

So I charged it again to take pictures at the fireworks show.

This is not the greatest picture of me nor is this my favorite shirt but this is our 4th of July picture and it's all I have. I did get more than one picture with this third charge but I didn't get any of the actual fireworks because, guess what, it ran out of battery before the show started. Shocking, right? Anyway, we camped out in a shopping center parking lot to watch the Six Flags fireworks. It sounds ghetto, I know, but it was really fun and besides, Teddy got to come. 

Well, I have gotten new batteries for my camera since the 4th of July fiasco so hopefully I will have some better pictures in the future. In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying my mini series and please keep me accountable. Love!


Molly Kate said...

YAY!!!! This was an AMAZING post...I can't wait for part 2!

The Sullivans said...

We really need to buy you some more batteries, girl!

Yay for progress in posting!