August 14, 2011

Eli's First Doctor's Appointment

On Friday, we took Eli to meet Dr. Shirley and she automatically dubbed him "the precious" as well (see post about Lela's first appointment). But to avoid confusion we'll have to refer to him as "the precious #2" and since I'm feeling especially lazy I think we'll shorten it to p#2.

Well p#2 demanded to be fed as soon as we were in the waiting room and I realized immediately that it was the first time, believe it or not, I had to breastfeed in a public place. So I was slightly hesitant at first but I figured if I was nonchalant about it, no one would notice. As far as I could tell I wasn't getting any looks and no one seemed to care that my indecency was was only concealed behind a thin piece of fabric. Eli did good too despite the fact that his feeding skills are touch and go at this point.

Once we were in the doctor's office, we realized Eli looked a little yellow. You can kinda tell in this picture.

Dr. Shirley noticed it too so she tested him for jaundice but it came back normal. P#2 weighed 7 pounds even so he hadn't quite gained back to his birth weight which is normal for a four-day-old infant. Everything else looked good but we did leave with a prescription for baby Zantac since he has been spitting up just like Lela did. Hopefully we'll only have to use it for a few months.

And in case you're wondering, this is what happens when Nathan is in charge of photographically documenting the event:

He would probably want me to share with you that he successfully completed the butterfly puzzle. He was quite proud of himself.

This picture requires some explanation.
There was a mural of Noah's Ark painted on the wall and Nathan felt the need to point out that the bird bearing the olive branch was not the theologically correct species. I guess a blue bird was more pleasing on a white wall rather than the obligatory dove.

Anyway, we go back to see Dr. Shirley this Friday so there's more to come.

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