July 21, 2011


Everything has been slightly crazy around here. The only way I know to tell the story is through pictures, so here we go.

This picture likely means nothing to you but it is the only documentation I have of the whole ordeal. It is actually the serial and model number on my refrigerator that I had to have handy since the 5-month-old appliance decided to freeze everything inside. Apparently it always thought the temperature inside the fridge was 80 degrees so it would run constantly.

Of course I discovered that everything was frozen solid the morning we were all trying to leave for youth camp. As if it wasn't stressful enough to get my pregnant self and my 15-month-old packed for youth camp, just pile on top of that breakfast became impossible with no useable milk or yogurt which are breakfast staples around here.

Anyway, we are still dealing with this saga almost a month later. The repairman made his third trip out to our house today and replaced another temperature sensor which he feels will solve the problem even though that's what he did the first time and it made absolutely no difference. Good news is, he says the next step will be to replace the whole fridge (at least I think that's good news).

Wow, that story ended up being way longer than I anticipated. Apologies.

One useful thing about the picture is, if you're in the market for a fridge, I'd avoid this model of Samsung ;)

Ok, I'm really done now.

Lela's new favorite thing is to swim in her kiddie pool. Unfortunately the set-up for it is a little more strenuous than I can handle being 8 1/2 months pregnant in the 102-degree heat, so she has to wait until Daddy gets home to go swimming.
She will ask me all day to go swimming and she'll even pull her towel out of the laundry pile to show me she's ready to swimming. But once Daddy gets home, we run and get her swimsuit on and then she'll stand at the back door and watch Nathan get everything ready. I know I'm biased but she has got to be the cutest kid ever.

Nathan's new project has been to make our entry hall presentable, which entails taking down the wallpaper and getting it painted. I started out helping him, but this is all the paper I removed before I was tired of standing.
He accomplished much more in the same amount of time.And a month later, to the date, here he is removing the last scrap of paper.Of course you have to take into account that we were out of town for two and a half weeks in there and he only worked on it during the evenings and weekends and I didn't help him a lick!

You may notice we had already put some sample paint colors on the wall. I guess when you've been removing wallpaper for a month, sometimes you just have to start another project or you'll go crazy!

He's actually much further along now and he should have it all painted this weekend. I would post a current picture of it, but it sorta looks like someone was murdered in that room right now due to the choice of wall color. But I'm confident it will look great once there are two coats on the wall, so I'll save the after shot for when everything is completed.

Lately Lela has decided she enjoys eating much more when she is in control. She will have none of this being spoon-fed or having Mom break up food into small bites. She can DO IT!
But it is really hard for me to watch her use the spoon on her own because half of the food ends up on her face or in her lap. She also has a banana sitting next to her cup that she takes bites from. Of course I have to intervene every now and then, especially when she tries to put half of the banana in her mouth at once!

Lela had a doctor's appointment a couple weeks ago and she doing good. She weighed 20 lbs. 8oz. and was 30 inches tall. Dr. Shirley always comments on how smart she is. Of course I think so but it's good to hear someone else say it.

Lela has also picked her favorite TV show. It's a show on PBS called "Super Why." She will point at the TV and I know she's asking to watch "Super Why." She dances to all the songs and is mesmerized for the whole show. Luckily we can watch it anytime since we have a Netflix free trail right now, but I'm afraid Lela's in for a rude awakening when the trial ends!

Lela is also teething right now. This is a picture of her when she was trying to eat her favorite snack, goldfish, but started crying because it hurt her mouth. It was really sad but her little face is so sweet I had to get a picture.
Unfortunately, I think the teething is also making her really picky and she will hardly eat anything we offer her. Basically she only eats yogurt, cereal bars, bananas, applesauce, goldfish and peanut butter sandwiches. She will occasionally take bites of other foods but then she'll spit it all out about five minutes later. I swear she has a secret pocket inside her cheek somewhere!

Well, I realize that was a lot of information all at once about a lot of crazy random topics but I had a whole month of material to cover! That's also why the title is so applicable.

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Ken and Rachel Etheredge said...

OMG! I thought the teething picture was the world's saddest picture but I think the picture of Lela looking out the window at her swimming pool is sadder. My heart yearns to let her go swimming!!!!!! You're doing an awesome job Morgan. Hang in there. We love you!! Dad and Mom :)