June 13, 2011

Lela Lately

Lela has been busy, busy, busy. We had VBS at church this week, so she's been at the church nearly everyday. I was able to spend time with her in the nursery on Thursday and Friday night and I was reminded all over again how much of a performer she is. She spent 100% of her time trying to get everyone else to laugh (unless she was eating ;) ). She does that with Nathan and I all the time but I had never seen her to do it with her peers. The other kids really didn't respond to her incessant performances so she apparently gets enough encouragement from the occasional laugh from an adult.

I don't know about you, but it seems to me that Lela is shrinking lately! . . .

No, this is just a giant folding camping chair that we saw at Lowe's. I just thought it was a cute picture ;)

This is Lela's new dangerous hobby. She has learned it is way more fun to stand on her stool rather than sit on it. So far it has only resulted in two falls and both times I was there to catch her. She has also realized she can reach new things when she climbs on top of her stool. So she's been carrying it around and setting it down in just the right places to get into optimal trouble. She also finds all of this extremely funny. Surprising? No.

Lela has been talking a lot more too. I can tell she is really trying to say words and sing along with songs. I am pretty sure she said "applesauce" the other day but that may just be because I am convinced she is a baby genius and I think it clouds my judgement sometimes.

Lela went swimming again last night and she did so much better than she did last time. She had a lot more fun and she even let us put in an innertube with a harness so we could push her around the pool. Unfortunately, I don't have photographic evidence of this event. Clearly, I have not been good about taking pictures this last week considering I only have two pictures and one of them is not really applicable to this post. I'll make a note to work on that ;)


Rachel said...

I have been meaning to comment on this all week!

She's an actress, alright!! I love the proud and mischeivious look she has on her face when she's on the stool!

I think she did better at the pool because of the lake experience she had. She's going to be a water baby.

I love her excitement for life, she's going to be a froce to be reckoned with, I think! I know God has very special plans for her!

love you all! always counting the days till we see you!

Ken and Rachel Etheredge said...

I have read this blog a dozen times this week and it just gets funnier each time!! Y'all are just a hoot and really cute!
(oh it rhymes!!). ;-). Love DAD