December 30, 2010

30 for 30 - Day 18-31

I apparently can't count. I thought for sure I had a day or two left of 30 for 30 when we arrived home from Christmas vacation but then after further review, I realized I had gone one day past the required 30 days. Actually the first time I counted I thought I had gone 2 days past, so take some free advice and don't trust me to do your taxes!

Day 18:
I wasn't sure if I was feeling this brown/black combo but I obvious felt ok enough to go with it. Either that or I just didn't care considering I'd see about 2.5 people that day.

Day 19:
Let me take this moment to say, please ignore the faces I make in these pictures. I did my best to look pleasant but I usually didn't remember to take pictures until the end of the day and sometimes I would forget all together and have to do multiple outfits in one night so more often than not the smile was less than genuine.

Day 20:
Using this cardigan as a shirt was a brave choice considering it was already missing three buttons (safety pins used as replacements) and I lost another button that day. I think it is missing more buttons than it has left at this point!

Day 21:
Do you recognize that shirt? Well it's not actually a shirt . . .

Here's my outfit from day 13:
Yes, I wore the skirt as a shirt. I think I felt bad that I had only worn it once and it's such a cute skirt. I think it may even be better as a shirt. Ultimately, I thought it would be fun and creative. It didn't help that it was a windy day though. I don't know what it is about skirts and they're tendency to fly straight up in any kind of wind. This apparently makes no difference if you're wearing the skirt as a shirt. Good to know.

Day 22:
This is what I wore to Andrew's graduation from DBU. I thought the pink cowl would be overkill since it really wasn't that cold outside but I forgot that DBU is in it's own climate and no matter the weather anywhere else it is more extreme and more windy at DBU. So while everyone else in the family was freezing in the gale force winds, I was nice and cozy.

Oh, by the way, I've noticed I have a total of three poses in my modeling arsenal. 1. Hand on one hip, 2. Both hands on hips, 3. No hands on hips. Wow, I'm a natural, if I do say so myself.

Day 23:
This pose obviously falls in to the "hand on hip" category but I apparently thought pushing my hips forward would make it more attractive. I think looking back, it was a poor choice.

Day 24:
This was a traveling day so I didn't feel the need to accessorize. I suppose I could've thrown something on for the picture but I'm all about being upfront and honest ;)

Day 25:
Danielle helped me pick out this outfit and she also let me borrow her circular scarf/cowl thing. I'm not sure of the correct name for it.

Day 26:
Then I was inspired to get creative and wear my scarf like a vest. I have to admit this was not my original thought. In fact, I should probably take this moment to confess the skirt shirt was not my idea either. This girl inspired me on both accounts:

I might say that she's got the modeling thing down a little better than I do, but I wouldn't take it that far ;)

Day 27:
I'm apparently partial to the "one hand on hip"pose. I think I've decided it's the most flattering.

Day 28:
I chose Christmas Eve to redeem the green shirt and I think it was a success. But I will say this picture looks like I'm about to sing at a karaoke piano lounge. I blame it on the angle of the picture and late hour that made me think posing next to the piano was a good idea.

Day 29:
This look was also inspired by Sydney at the Daybook. She also inspired me to do the whole 30 for 30 thing so she has been my guide through the whole journey.

I got this brown belt from Stephen for Christmas. I think it helped that I picked it out for him ;) Thanks Stephen!

Day 30:
You can see here I braved the nearly buttonless cardigan as a shirt. I think it's more from laziness rather than bravery.

Day 31:
I was so proud to call this my last day (I thought) of my 30 for 30, but little did I know that I had gone one day past my commitment 30 outfits. But this was our last day in San Antonio and I only brought 30 for 30 clothes so I suppose I would've had a superfluous outfit whether I wanted to or not.

I will now add an unprompted picture of Lela to please the masses:
This is sadly the only picture I have of Lela at Christmas. She loved Christmas at Grandma's though. She would open one present, put it in her mouth and then she'd move on to the next present. We also took her to a movie for the first time but I don't think she enjoyed that as much :/

We are now spending Christmas with Grammie and Pawpaw. But I'm already getting grief for spending so much time working on the blog so guess I'll talk about that later.

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