August 12, 2010

Taking a Break

I have decided I need to take a scheduled break from blogging. I know what you're thinking, "You take breaks all the time. Why do you need another one?" Well, this time I'm doing it on purpose and I'm letting everyone know so that makes it organized.

Anyway, I plan to be back a week from now. I'm trying to figure out a good schedule that works for me and hopefully I can incorporate a spot for blogging into my new schedule.

I'm also being forced to take a break from something else in my life right now . . .

No, not rice. My iPhone is in that bag . . . because I dropped it in the toilet. I was advised to leave it in there for a few days to see if it will work again.

In the meantime I'm using an extra junky phone Nathan keeps on hand for things like youth camp and mission trips.
It already has my baby's picture for the background thanks to Nathan :)

On top of all that, while I was typing on my computer yesterday, I got a plastic splinter in my hand because my computer apparently cracked and a sharp piece broke off and stabbed me!

So I'm not very happy with Apple right now. Well, the iPhone is not really their fault but I am still left with an iPhone shaped hole in my heart of which can only be filled by another iPhone. It's all part of a conspiracy to rule the world.

See ya next week!


Aunt Frances said...

Morgan, your Mom and Dad shared the link to your blog. I LOVE it!! It is so fun to see your pictures and you are so entertaining!! Sorry about your iPhone. Hope it dries out.

Anonymous said...

Come back, come back....I miss your blog!!!! Love you, Mimi.