August 31, 2010

So one week actually means two and a half . . .

I guess I have no concept of time. Actually I blame Apple for my lack of blogging.

That's right they have my computer. But I'm not sure I can put all the blame on them since I just dropped it off Saturday. It just sounds better when I say "I have no computer right now!"

Some of you have brought to my attention the absence of Lela's five month post. I'm aware and plan to actually post it in the month of August (today) but all the good pictures are, you guessed it, on my computer!

Now you might be thinking, "Doesn't Nathan have a computer?" and you would be correct, but he chose this week to take it to the church. (I'm ignoring the fact that I had a limited opportunity to get it done on Sunday.)

The only reason I'm blogging now is because I discovered an iPhone app for Google blogger today (hooray for blogium!) **Updated to add: I guess I should mention that I acquired a new iPhone 4 two days after I dropped my other iPhone in the toilet. Luckily it was time for my free upgrade with AT&T and my parents planned on getting me a new iPhone for my birthday in November. So needless to say I got an early birthday present (Thanks Mom and Dad!).

Anyway, the blogging thing just hasn't worked out for me lately. But I am about to be on my way to pick up my computer so all will be restored to normal soon (except for my lack of organization and concept of time).

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