April 16, 2010

Photo Shoot

Lela and I had a little photo shoot yesterday. Nathan's grandmother had mentioned that she had pictures of all the grandchildren at 3 weeks old and she wanted one of Lela at that age. So I dressed her up and pulled out my best photography skills. As a result, I have new found respect for professional photographers because she may look sweet in these pictures but . . .

. . . this is what she looked like the majority of the time.
I realize it could be because she hated that bonnet, but picking her up was the only thing that would make her quit, and that didn't make for very professional looking photos (not that I consider myself a professional . . . in any field).

But I was still able to capture some of her better moments.

I'm thinking of printing one of these pictures in an 8x10 but I can't decide which one. Tell me your favorite in the comments and maybe that will help me decide.

This morning, while I was on the phone with my grandparents, I heard Nathan calling my name (he knew I was on the phone) in a somewhat urgent manner. I thought to myself "I can't come right now, I'm on the phone." But after the third time I heard my name, I thought I should go see what he wanted.

So I walked into the baby's room and saw this laying on the floor by the back door.

After I got off the phone (I am not talented enough to have two conversations at once), Nathan informed me that he witnessed Bella dragging the snake skin in from outside. He then informed me that I would have to pick it up and dispose of it because he just couldn't do it.

Now, let me explain something about Nathan. He has an Indiana-Jones-like fear of snakes. That is about the most manly way I can describe the look of terror on his face and the high pitched shrieks that come out of him. So I had to, in his words, "man up" and pick up the snake skin off the floor and dispose of it.

But believe me, I am not completely fearless when it comes to snakes and hearing Nathan describe all the scenarios of where the snake could've come from and where he could be now psyched me out a little and it took me a few tries before I could actually pick it up. I was somehow afraid that as soon as I touched it, the snake would pop out from his hiding place and try to bite me . . . irrational, I know.

After having a calm conversation about the ordeal, we decided that it was clearly just a garden snake and Bella obviously killed it or at least has the skill to do so. If nothing else, we could possibly train her to pick up the snake skins since both of us seem to have such a problem with it.

So, I was informed that no one was able to see the picture of Debra Jo Rupp on the last post, so I apologize for that. I will repost the picture when I get a picture of the doctor. I was given a good suggestion of how to get a picture of the pediatrician, so maybe I will get a picture at the next appointment. I never thought this blog would push me to new levels of awkwardness in the real world.


Kim Wolfe said...

I think the second picture is good, just wish you had her name showing on that one as well..lots of luck picking, they were all good...love to you all! Mimi

Anonymous said...

#4, hands down!

Shortcake said...

My favorite is #7!