March 7, 2008

Birthdays and Valentines

I have been a bit negligent of my blog. So I have some pictures from Nathan's birthday, Valentine's Day, Tawnya's birthday and some other random shots. We didn't do anything too special for these events, but there are some good pictures.

I made Nathan a sopapilla cake. It looks weird, but it is really good (if I do say so myself).Teddy had to help Nathan open his presents.This is my Valentine's dinner that Nathan made for me. We used our Wedding China for the first time :)Okay, I have to explain this one. We have a hard time getting good pictures of Teddy because our camera flashes twice and he still hasn't figured it out. He's not camera-shy, he simply poses for the first flash and then turns away for the second flash. So this is the only decent one we've gotten of him recently, so enjoy because there won't be another one for a while. This a picture from Tawnya's Birthday. I forgot to take pictures so I snapped one real quick before they left.
It's kinda hard to see, but there is snow in this picture. This was Monday (3/3) night and it was really coming down hard. Of course school was not cancelled and when the real snow storm came through (3/6), we didn't get any snow. But I'm not bitter . . .

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Britt said...

Props to you nathan that dinner looks fabulous and I love how you color cordinated the flowers with the lettuce...very nice!

The Sullivans said...

Hey Morgan,

I saw your blog in the comments on Jane's blog. Your pictures are cute and it looks like Nathan did a good job with your dinner. Thanks for being my across the hall buddy. :)

Mama Rachel said...

Hi guys!! I love the pictures!!
Especially the one of Teddy! He has a mischievious look on his face though!!

The dinner looks great, I think you've got a keeper , Morgan!!
Congrats again Nathan on your good news!! Love ya'll and see you soon!!